Power and tech

Power and tech

This is why you should book your temp tradesmen from Viktech

We equip all our 700 skilled temp tradesmen with workwear, protective equipment and a toolbox tailored to the individual job. In the electrical/technical department we are specialised in the sub-categories electricians, heating, plumbing, and sanitation workers, fibre technicians and COAX technicians.

When you hire a tradesman from Viktech, you also get the benefit of one of our skilled consultants. All our consultants are familiar with the different trades, collective agreements and rules, and are up to date with what is happening in your local area. They have a close relationship with our temp tradesmen, know their skills and can therefore ensure that we find just the right employee for your jobs.

Happy customers is the very best foundation

What matters to us is that you as our customer feel 100% confident when hiring a temp tradesman from Viktech. Take a look at a couple of the following statements by some of our business partners:

“I have cooperated with Viktech for almost 10 years, and it works really well. Martin (Viktech consultant) is very good at following up on the projects and employees. In this way he makes sure that all practical things work well and that there are no problems,”

“It makes us feel at ease knowing that we can adjust the number of employees up or down as needed and that we can always get skilled, competent people who fit in. It’s no wonder that we have been collaborating now for nine years.”

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The Capital
Michael Strunge
Electrician Industrial technician Plumber Technician
The Capital
Jørn Nielsen
Electrician Industrial technician Plumber Technician
North Jutland
Claus Nielsen
Bricklayer Carpenter Construction man Construction worker Electrician Industrial technician Painter Plumber Smith Technician Unskilled Welder

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