Like being permanent staff

Like being permanent staff
February 02, 2018
At Viktech, it’s like I’m permanent staff. I have colleagues, good conditions and job security. It’s the first time I've tried it.

Like being permanent staff

Jacob Jacobsen is a trained carpenter and worked with a number of different temp agencies before joining Viktech in March 2019.

“Viktech got in touch with me one day, they’d read my CV and wanted to meet me. My many years of experience were in high demand,” says Jacob Jacobsen, who lives in Brovst with his family and therefore works with Viktech in Aalborg.

Jacob has been working more or less constantly since March. His first project was in Svenstrup, working on ceilings for 29 rented apartments. His next project was in Nørresundby – ceilings for new student accommodation – and now he’s back to Svenstrup, working on a major project within the restaurant business.

“I really like the variation in the work, and for the first time I feel I’ve got a job where each project runs back-to-back. In the old days, they used to let me go when a project was finished. There were times when I was only employed for a week. But now Micky, my permanent contact at Viktech, always has a new project ready for me,” adds Jacob.

No more revolving door

It’s changed Jacob’s entire mindset. From always focusing on having to head out through that revolving door and find a new job, to finding job security and trusting that consultant who makes sure projects are arranged and planned, a man like Jacob can move from one job and one project and straight on to something else. And Jacob hasn’t been short of praise while he’s been working for Viktech. His many years of experience as a carpenter help, of course, but his commitment and willingness have also helped.

“Both customers and Viktech have sung my praises on a number of occasions. I really try to think independently and take the lead. Not just standing and waiting to be given something to do. I like to take the initiative to get the job done. You can really come a long way if you adopt that kind of approach,” says Jacob.

Flexible conditions

Working for Viktech brings with it many advantages. Jacob is particularly keen on the flexible conditions. For a number of the customers he’s worked with, he’s been happy to turn up early and leave late and do a four-day working week. As long as he does 37 hours a week, everything’s fine. That kind of flexibility is worth its weight in gold when you’re the father of three.

All tools and equipment

Working with Viktech has plenty of advantages for customers as well. In particular, Jacob points out how great it is that Viktech supplies all the tools, equipment and clothing you need to get the job done.

“If you’re a new company, for example, tying up money in tools without knowing when or even if you’ll need them in future could wipe out your entire profit.

Moreover, it’s good for both staff and customers to have a permanent consultant in Viktech. That person provides a firm anchor point and a specific point of contact. In Jacob’s case, Micky Malling is responsible for carpentry and decorating projects in North Jutland.

Would you like to work for a company where you’re permanent staff, rather than temporary? Where you’re supplied with the workwear and tools you need? Where you have a permanent contact who does everything in their power to make sure a new project is ready for you when your current project comes to an end?

Viktech is always on the lookout for talented, skilled tradesmen who’d like flexible jobs where they get to meet lots of new people and try out all kinds of new things. Of course, you can make your own decisions and accept or turn down any jobs you’re offered.

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