About us

About us

Viktech – Skilled manpower for construction and industry

Viktech has many years’ experience of creating flexibility and trust in connection with your projects within the building and industrial sectors. The 700 tradesmen we employ work on a daily basis for our business partners all over the country.

In addition, we have 14 committed consultants, who monitor your project from beginning to end together with you. All consultants are skilled in their field and work in their own local area. We are therefore close to you and your company both professionally and physically.

Viktech offers everything from a simple temp solution to regular collaboration. This means that we can assist you whether you are looking for a single tradesman for a short period or choose to work with us as your regular business partner. We like to supply a tailored solution that meets our customer’s needs. That is what matters to us!

The values behind Viktech’s tradesman culture

Viktech’s tradesman culture is based on four values which underpin our collaboration. Our values are:

  • Quality
  • Decency
  • Loyalty
  • Commitment

So what does this mean for you in our day-to-day collaboration?

Quality equipment and quality solutions

  • Our employees arrive on the first working day dressed for work and with the required protective equipment.
  • Our employees are equipped with a professional toolbox that is matched to the project.
  • Our consultant also arrives on the first day to make sure that both you and our employees get off to a good start.
  • The Viktech consultant returns at the latest three days later to make sure everything is working out as planned.
  • We follow up on your project at least once a fortnight. If you need more employees or more equipment, we can solve the problem right away.

We are decent people

  • Our consultants are always present when a new employee starts working for you.
  • All our 700 employees are covered by the relevant collective agreements and have pension and health insurance.
  • When we offer employment to foreign tradesmen, we provide accommodation, register the employees with the tax authorities, sort out a work permit, if relevant, and take out health insurance so it is easier for the tradesmen in question to become employed by Viktech.
  • At the end of a project, we ask our employees whether they were satisfied with the collaboration, so that we can optimise our solutions on an ongoing basis and make sure that our skilled employees are happy to recommend and work for Viktech.

Loyalty for better or for worse

  • We respect confidentiality in our dealings with you as our business partner in connection with your projects.
  • We do everything we can to meet deadlines and solve problems as they arise.
  • A fixed consultant is assigned to your company and becomes familiar with your values, expectations and work processes.
  • At the end of a project, we ask you “Would you recommend Viktech to a friend, colleague or business contact?” We do that to ensure ongoing improvements and because regular, loyal customers are the basis for our business.

Unfailing commitment

  • We have a tradesman culture and are interested in your building projects and jobs.
  • Our skilled consultants monitor your projects from beginning to end.
  • The tradesmen we employ choose whether to work on your project based on their own skills and wishes.

Tradesman culture through and through

We get stuck in together with you, but we must enjoy ourselves in the process. We get together for barbecues over summer, have a Christmas lunch, and in December we round off the year with mulled wine and ‘æbleskiver’ and hand out Christmas presents.

In addition, we drop in at the construction site with pizza every now and then, all to make sure that Viktech remains the preferred place of work and the preferred business partner.

Staffing concept

Arbejdstøj og udstyr

Workwear and equipment

Our employees always arrive dressed for work, equipped with the necessary protective equipment. Depending on the job requirements, the employee is equipped with safety shoes, helmets, safety vests and anything else that may be relevant or required. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about these aspects and can ask the employees to start right away.


In order to be effective, a tradesman needs the right tools for the job. At Viktech we equip our employees with the right tools for the job, so they are ready to start working right away. This saves you both time and money.

Project start-up

The people you first meet at Viktech are what we call “consultants”. In practice, the role of a consultant is to act as a contact person and intermediary between customers and Viktech staff. The Viktech consultant shows up with the employee on the first day to ensure a good start-up. This makes both you and our employee feel more comfortable.
Opfølgning, dag 3

Follow-up, day 3

On day 3, the Viktech consultant comes back to check how things are going and whether everything is as it should be. We know that this promotes good collaboration, and we want to make sure that both you and our employee are satisfied.
Opfølgning, dag 14

Follow-up, day 14

Two weeks after the start of the project, the Viktech consultant pays another visit to make sure that the collaboration is working satisfactory and that both our customer and the employee are pleased. Here at Viktech, we know that good collaboration must work both ways, and we are therefore very interested in your feedback. You don’t have to contact us to give us your feedback, so you avoid interruptions to your busy working day.

Satisfaction guaranteed

If you conclude on day 3 that you are not satisfied with our employee’s performance and qualifications, you can choose to discontinue the collaboration with the employee. If your complaint is based on facts, the first three days are free of charge and we will find you another employee as soon as possible. You therefore have an opportunity to try out an employee, and it is easy for you to replace the employee if he/she does not live up to expectations.