Working for Viktech gives me enormous freedom

Working for Viktech gives me enormous freedom
January 21, 2020
Carpenter Jonas Linding, who has been working for Viktech since September 2018, is currently working at Lanther Byg in Aarhus. And this free spirit has no plans to end up trapped in permanent employment at the moment. “There’s a massive demand for temporary workers at the moment, which means that uncertainty in respect of future jobs is almost non-existent. I can make my own decisions on what I agree to and what I turn down, and I really value that flexibility,” he says.

Working for Viktech gives me enormous freedom

Temporary staff are people who aren’t good enough to get permanent jobs.

This is a classic misconception relating to over 23,000 wage earners who work as temporary staff in Denmark, according to the latest annual report from the Confederation of Danish Industry.

But this claim doesn’t hold water. In any case, in a survey carried out by the Danish Chamber of Commerce, eight out of 10 temporary workers say they are happy or very happy with their lives as free spirits.

Christian Jepsen, consultant at Viktech in Central Denmark, gets that impression as well.

“It’s very clear to me that the majority of people who work with us have chosen to do so of their own free will. Our temporary staff enjoy the enormous variety in their jobs, the many challenges they face and the enormous amount of freedom that they have,” he explains.

Wide variety of tasks

Carpenter Jonas Linding, who lives in central Aarhus, is one of the free spirits that Christian Jepsen and Viktech have taken under their wing. He’s been working for Viktech since September 2018, and there’s been no shortage of work for him to do.

When we catch up with him, he’s on his way to renovate a building in Skødstrup from top to toe. Not long before that, he installed VELUX windows in a building in central Aarhus and put a roof on a building in the industrial district at Søren Frichs Vej in Aarhus.

In many ways, working for Viktech is like being on the payroll of a “general” firm of carpenters. Social gatherings such as barbecue evenings and summer parties are held regularly. Both he and all other Viktech staff receive gifts at Christmas. And when Jonas Linding pulls on his overalls, tools are supplied by Viktech.

But there’s a major difference here: Jonas Linding isn’t locked to any one specific company. He works with Viktech consultants on a regular basis to choose which external jobs he wants to get his teeth into.

And that’s how Jonas Linding works best – with plenty of variation in the work he does on a daily basis.

“I chose to become a temporary worker of my own free will. Being able to choose from different jobs and taking time off for a few days or a few weeks whenever I feel like it gives me enormous freedom on both a professional and a personal level,” he says. “There’s a massive demand for temporary workers at the moment, which means that uncertainty in respect of future jobs is almost non-existent. And it also means I don’t have to do plastering for three months at a stretch at some big work site or other. I can make my own decisions on what I agree to and what I turn down, and I really value that flexibility.”

A pat on the back means a lot

Jonas Linding has been working as a carpenter at Michael Lanther’s small carpentry firm, Lanther Byg in Aarhus, for the last couple of months. He’s been working on renovating an apartment in Skødstrup for this company during this time.

This is the second time Jonas Linding has been brought in to work with Lanther Byg, and he’s very happy with his temporary employer.

“It’s a great place to be. I’m able to do lots of different things, and we get on really well together. It’s not like working on a big site, where there’s a risk you’ll end up doing the same job for several months at a time. There’s a great deal of variation here, and that makes my working days a bit more enjoyable,” he says.

This satisfaction is a two-way thing. All things considered, this is now the second time Jonas Linding has been called in to give Lanther Byg a helping hand.

“It means a lot to me to know that Michael Lanther wanted me back. It’s always good to receive positive feedback and confirmation that the work you’re doing is all fine,” says Jonas Linding.

When asked what makes a good temporary worker, Jonas Linding says first and foremost, you have to be willing to roll your sleeves up, get the job done and not be picky. In other words, anybody wanting to make a go of being an external worker has to enjoy variation and the changing nature of the work. And you have to be good at working with other people, too.

“You meet all kinds of different people when working for Viktech, so it’s important for you to be able to enter into professional partnerships with them. And in return, I think you learn a lot. It gives me the opportunity to learn new things and acquire new skills,” says Jonas Linding.

No plans to give up the temporary work

Jonas Linding’s contract with Lanther Byg will be expiring soon. But that doesn’t mean he’ll have time to hang up his toolbox.

He’s very much in demand, so he’s already been hired for a project in Brabrand. And if Michael Lanther needs a helping hand at any time in the future, he’s in no doubt that the company will be in touch with him.

“I’m sure Michael will phone if he needs my help again. And if he does, I’ll definitely accept!” says Jonas Linding, making it clear that he has absolutely no plans to give up the temporary work anytime soon.

“I can well imagine that other temporary workers might feel a bit uncertain about their work situations. You don’t really know whether you’ll be working from week to week. But that’s not really something I’ve ever thought about. As long as you’re not picky and are willing to roll your sleeves up and get the job done, the work will come to you. I’m absolutely sure of that. In any case, I have no plans to change the current course of my career at the moment,” he says.

Are you like Jonas? Do you enjoy meeting lots of new people? Does the thought of learning something new not worry you? If you’re looking for new challenges too, submit your application here:

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