Do you need a tradesman for your building projects? If so, read on.

All Viktech’s 700 tradesmen are skilled in their profession, arrive dressed for work, with the necessary safety gear and a toolbox kitted out for your project. In our construction department you can hire exactly the tradesman you need. We have carpenters, painters and skilled construction labourers who work on a day-to-day basis for our customers all over the country.

Our entire business model is based on having competent and flexible employees, so we can give you the best possible help with your projects. If you hire a tradesman from Viktech, you also get help from one of our local technical consultants, who will manage the project together with you, so you achieve what you set out to achieve.

“The collaboration with Viktech is one of the key foundation stones of my business. It is extremely difficult to find competent tradesmen who are flexible and can work independently. That’s what I get from Viktech. Christian Jepsen has known me for many years. He knows what I need and he knows my team, so he can dispatch just the right people for the job."

”At Viktech we have a permanent consultant, Mads Ritsmar. He knows our demands and wishes for the crew, we want to work for us. If he sends out an employee, that may be new to Viktech, he notifies us honestly that he doesn't know the person well and that he would be happy to get my feedback. We are open and honest – That is what a good cooperation is about. Viktech are proud and wants to do the right thing for us as a client”.

See below for more information about the different types of tradesmen Viktech works with.



Construction worker


South Jutland
Hans Ole Ravnholt
Bricklayer Carpenter Construction man Painter Unskilled
Central Jutland
Christian Jepsen
Bricklayer Carpenter Construction man Painter Unskilled
The Capital
Alexander Wejlemann
Bricklayer Carpenter Construction man Painter Unskilled

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