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This is why you should hire temp carpenters from Viktech

Viktech employs around 200 carpenters, whom you can hire to work on projects within new construction, renovation or service and dampers throughout Denmark.

Our skilled carpenters work on a daily basis on both big and small building projects for our business partners. We can therefore offer to find you employees who will fit in with your projects, regardless of your requirements.

Viktech’s temp carpenters arrive on site on the first day dressed for work, equipped with quality tools and the required protective equipment. This ensures that our temps can start working right away, and you do not need to worry about anything in this regard.

When you hire a temp from Viktech, you also get the benefit of one of our local building consultants. The consultant discusses the project with you in detail as regards location and time schedule as well as what qualifications and tools you need.

The consultant knows our employees in your area, what jobs they prefer working with and what their qualifications are. In this way we can find just the right temp carpenter for your job.

”Viktech’s carpenters are very professional. They were good at listening and cooperating and knew precisely how things should be done. They became part of our team from day one, This made my daily working life much easier, as I did not have to worry about whether the job was done correctly.”

Viktech’s consultants in the building industry are also contacts for the temp carpenters on your project. When you enter into an agreement with Viktech, the consultant arrives together with the employee at the start of the job. We get a chance to meet the project manager and discuss all relevant information. This makes our employees, your on-site foreman as well as you, our business partner, feel at ease. We want to make sure that our collaboration gets off to the best possible start.

Our building consultant drops in at the construction site at the latest three days later. In this way we make sure that everything practical is going according to plan, and afterwards we monitor the project on an ongoing basis together with you or your project manager/foreman.

We do this to make everybody feel confident and ensure that all parties are up to date about deadlines and any changes to the job. Should you need to move our temp carpenter to another project, we can help you with that, too.

This business model is our foundation for good collaboration between you and us. We do our best to create win-win situations in everything we do.

Call +45 7020 9043 and we will find just the right carpenter for your project.

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Vehicles and trailers

You can read more about our vehicles below and if you have any questions, please call one of our consultants who can tell you more about what we can offer:
Trailer with airless putty sprayer
Trailer with airless putty sprayer installed. Available for rent on a day-to-day basis.
Small van
Small van with Bluetooth and cruise control. Suitable for service tasks.
Medium-sized van
Medium-sized van with Bluetooth and cruise control. Suitable for large projects.
Fibre optic splicing vehicle
A fully equipped fibre optic splicing vehicle with a cable splicing hatch, a flashing light on the roof and a heated load space.


The Capital
Micky Malling
Bricklayer Carpenter Construction man Painter Unskilled
North Jutland
Claus Nielsen
Bricklayer Carpenter Construction man Construction worker Electrician Industrial technician Painter Plumber Smith Technician Unskilled Welder
South Jutland
Hans Ole Ravnholt
Bricklayer Carpenter Construction man Painter Unskilled
Central Jutland
Christian Jepsen
Bricklayer Carpenter Construction man Painter Unskilled
The Capital
Alexander Wejlemann
Bricklayer Carpenter Construction man Painter Unskilled

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