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Construction worker

Hiring a skilled construction worker from Viktech gives you the following advantages

Viktech’s construction department also has skilled concrete workers that you can hire for your projects. Viktech’s concrete workers are employed in the following two main areas:

  • Plant work – generally involving road building, casting of foundations, concrete road surfaces, pipelaying and sewage systems
  • Building work – involving concrete constructions, foundation walls, parking basements, concrete floors in housing complexes, construction of hotels, etc.

Our employees arrive dressed for work, equipped with quality tools and protective equipment. They are ready to start immediately.

One of our consultants from your local area also arrives together with the temp construction worker. Our skilled consultants visit local building sites and projects on a daily basis. When you hire a construction worker from Viktech, we can therefore quickly familiarise ourselves with your tasks and requirements and therefore dispatch just the right employees for your project.

Our consultants also act as contacts for our employees working on your project. On the first day you start working on a project together with us, both our consultant and our temp construction worker will arrive on site. We meet face-to-face and briefly discuss the job before the consultant leaves again. This makes both you, our business partner, and our employees feel at ease and ensures that the project gets off to a good start.

Our consultant drops in at the construction site at the latest three days from the start of the job. We do this to make sure that everything is going according to plan, and afterwards we monitor the project on an ongoing basis together with you or your project manager/foreman. This model is our foundation for a well-functioning collaboration between you and us.

Call us on +45 7020 9043 and we will take the trouble of finding just the right construction worker who meets your criteria.

Vehicles and trailers

You can read more about our vehicles below and if you have any questions, please call one of our consultants who can tell you more about what we can offer:

Trailer with airless putty sprayer
Trailer with airless putty sprayer installed. Available for rent on a day-to-day basis.
Small van
Small van with Bluetooth and cruise control. Suitable for service tasks.
Medium-sized van
Medium-sized van with Bluetooth and cruise control. Suitable for large projects.
Fibre optic splicing vehicle
A fully equipped fibre optic splicing vehicle with a cable splicing hatch, a flashing light on the roof and a heated load space.


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