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Everything you need to know about hiring a painter from Viktech

Viktech employs approximately 200 professionally trained painters, whom you can hire for both large and small painting jobs anywhere in Denmark. They help our customers on a daily basis with jobs relating to:

  • New construction: puttying/spray puttying, grinding, applying glass felt, painting/spray painting
  • Renovation: painting windows, building frontages, woodwork, standard walls and ceilings
  • Readying apartments: painting walls, ceilings, doors and door frames and repairing damage by applying felt, etc.
  • Service: windows, frontages, repairs

We can therefore supply the staff you need for your project, regardless of the scope of the work. All our painters arrive on site dressed for work, equipped with quality tools and protective equipment.

If you hire painters from Viktech, you also get help from one of our local building consultants. He/she discusses the job with you in detail as regards qualifications, tools, location and timetable.

The consultant knows our employees in the area, what skills they have and what jobs they prefer. We can therefore find just the right employees for your project.

Our building consultants also act as contact person for our employees on your project. When you start a new project with Viktech, the consultant arrives together with the employee on the first day for a quick introduction. In that way we get to meet the project manager and make sure that all relevant information is discussed with your new workforce. This makes our employees feel more comfortable and puts your project manager and yourself as our business partner at ease. In that way we can make sure we start off on the right foot.

We return to the site just three days later to make sure that all practical aspects are working out as planned, and after that we monitor the project on an ongoing basis together with you or your project manager/foreman.

By doing that we ensure that everyone is comfortable, and that we are all up-to-date about deadlines and changes to the job. We know that painting contracts are often completed under time constraints, as you tend to be the last stage of the project. So when you hire a painter from Viktech, we are flexible and happy to go the extra mile so you can complete the job on time.

“People sometimes tell us that we have to hurry up because the removal van is on its way. It often happens that we don't get access to the site until later than we expected, but we are still expected to complete the job on time. And that's what we have to do. This is where Viktech can really help. We can contact them, and the next day extra manpower arrives so we can complete the job on time".

This model creates the foundation for good collaboration between you and us. Because when you are happy, so are we, and we like having lots of happy customers.

Would you like to hire a painter? Call us on +45 7020 9043, and we will relieve you of the trouble of finding the right painter for your jobs.

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Vehicles and trailers

You can read more about our vehicles below and if you have any questions, please call one of our consultants who can tell you more about what we can offer:
Trailer with airless putty sprayer
Trailer with airless putty sprayer installed. Available for rent on a day-to-day basis.
Small van
Small van with Bluetooth and cruise control. Suitable for service tasks.
Medium-sized van
Medium-sized van with Bluetooth and cruise control. Suitable for large projects.
Fibre optic splicing vehicle
A fully equipped fibre optic splicing vehicle with a cable splicing hatch, a flashing light on the roof and a heated load space.


The Capital
Micky Malling
Bricklayer Carpenter Construction man Painter Unskilled
North Jutland
Claus Nielsen
Bricklayer Carpenter Construction man Construction worker Electrician Industrial technician Painter Plumber Smith Technician Unskilled Welder
South Jutland
Hans Ole Ravnholt
Bricklayer Carpenter Construction man Painter Unskilled
Central Jutland
Christian Jepsen
Bricklayer Carpenter Construction man Painter Unskilled
The Capital
Alexander Wejlemann
Bricklayer Carpenter Construction man Painter Unskilled

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