Staff stay with Viktech

Staff stay with Viktech
January 22, 2020
Unsere talentierten Mitarbeiter sind der Hauptgrund dafür, dass unsere Kunden sich für uns entscheiden – immer wieder, jedes Jahr erneut. Darum tun wir unser Bestes dafür, unsere Mitarbeiter an uns zu binden.

Staff stay with Viktech

A recent analysis shows that our staff like to stay with us for a long time. Nine out of 10 of our staff have been with us for more than a year, and as many as half of our entire team have worked for us for more than two years. That’s pretty unusual in our industry.

How do we manage that?

We do a lot to make sure each and every staff member enjoys their work. We make sure they enjoy working with their colleagues and that they’re placed on projects where there’s a good match between their skills and abilities and the jobs they have to do.

“This sense of solidarity you get with all your colleagues can present a bit of a challenge, of course, when staff are all posted to different projects and construction sites. That’s why we make a big thing of getting everyone together at regular intervals so that people can all have a chat and enjoy some time together. Our social events bind our staff together, you could say,” says Viktech consultant Micky Malling.

He’s a consultant in North Jutland and handles all local construction customers, as well as all the staff affiliated to his projects in North Jutland. That’s why he’s always on hand when staff are about to start new projects with customers, and he makes sure he keeps an eye on whether the project is progressing as intended by dropping in after 3 days, and again after 14 days.

Barbecues, Christmas dinner and summer events

The company holds barbecues several times a year, with plenty of decent food and drink. These are held at the local Viktech divisions, giving everyone the opportunity to meet other local colleagues.

Moreover, we always have a great Christmas dinner and a wonderful Christmas party where staff receive Christmas gifts. We have scope for more spontaneous and impulsive gatherings as well.

If you’re a skilled tradesman and you’d like to become part of the Viktech team, fill in this form.

We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible to let you know what opportunities are available in your field.

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