Viktech promotes social events involving all cultures

Viktech promotes social events involving all cultures
January 22, 2020
In 2019, Viktech will be holding its Christmas dinner for all its staff for the sixth year in succession. So this has become something of a tradition, you might say, and we love traditions here at Viktech. Well – the good ones anyway. Because if something isn’t working, we’re not afraid to admit it and do things better next time.

Viktech promotes social events involving all cultures

But our social events have been a huge success up to now, so we’ll carry on with those. And our staff are pleased about that.

Anders Aaboe has worked for Viktech as a technician for two-and-a-half years now, and he’s attended all the social events we’ve organised in that time. As he himself puts it: “We want for nothing at Viktech. All the social events are really brilliant. It’s fantastic to meet all my colleagues, and it’s also great to meet the people who work at the office. Unfortunately I don’t get to see them all that often, so these events are a good opportunity to get to know people a bit better. The Christmas dinner last year was really great fun, a lovely evening, and I’ll definitely be there for the next one. The only problem was the fantastic buffet – I ate far too much before joining in with the bowling competition.”

Nemanja Buzek from Serbia is another member of our happy team. “I think attending Viktech events is great, lots of fun. I always turn up when my work allows, and I’d like to attend future events as well,” says Nemanja. He’s travelled to Aarhus to attend the last couple of Christmas dinners. “I suck at bowling, but we have a brilliant time,” laughs Nemanja.

We hold our events because we know social cohesion is important in the workplace, and if you have that sense of community at work then you also have happy staff. Moreover, everybody knows a decent work environment makes staff more efficient.

Lasse Hedegaard Andersen, who’s been working as a carpenter for Viktech for 3 years, is really keen on Viktech’s events and has attended more or less all of them. “I think joining in with all these events is fantastic, great fun. I recognise a lot of faces of people that I’ve worked with in various places previously. There are sometimes people there that I haven’t seen for six or 12 months. So we have a beer together and enjoy a chat about what’s been going on in the interim. It’s really great.” And he’s only too pleased to see that a number of European nationalities are represented, too. “It’s absolutely brilliant that people from several different countries turn up at our events. I really enjoy getting to know new people,” concludes Lasse.

Besides the annual Christmas dinner, we round off the year by inviting people to mulled wine and Danish doughnuts at our four offices on the last Wednesday before Christmas. With this, we thank everyone for their great work over the past year and hand out Christmas gifts to all our talented and dedicated tradesmen.

Are you a skilled tradesman, and would you also like to become part of a company where staff well-being is high on our list of priorities? If so, fill in the form here – we’ll contact you as soon as possible to tell you what opportunities we have available.

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